Syntax Error: Invalid left-hand side in assignment expression

I have received data from backend which contains a student object.

The student contains a field named grade. I would like to explicitly update that value of the student object in my code:

// the component parses the student object, I don't show those code here

useEffect(() => {
    const {grade} = calculateNewGrade(student);
    // Syntax Error: Invalid left-hand side in assignment expression
    student?.grade = grade;
  }, [student]);

When I run my app, I ended up with error "Invalid left-hand side in assignment expression" for the code showed above. Why? What is the correct way to update that value then?

=== About using the optional syntax student?.grade ===

The reason why I use optional syntax is that the student at the beginning is undefined or null until it is loaded. If I remove the optional ? I would end up with another error "undefined is not an object" when evaluating student.grade.

Submitted May 27th 2021 by Admin


Optional chaining should be used when reading the value, not when assigning it. You can update the piece of code to this:

if (student?.grade != null) { student.grade = grade;

Admin | 3 months ago

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